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I may as well check things out. Dad would go to the Ford garage to have his oil changed and the cost would be $20 (just guessing, this was a long time ago). February 7, 2020 Profiles in Time: Adam Driver. I was gutted as I have a robust Omega for weekend duty. I have a first run 1980’s ROLEX datejust that keeps poor time ~ slow 1-3 minutes/week. completely disassemble the movement, taking each and every part and component apart. The Air-King epitomizes Rolex’s privileged ties with the world of aviation during its golden age in the 1930s. Mark is awesome and he will always have my business. Bear in mind that if you expect to sell your Rolex down the line, it might be a good idea not to polish your watch. Models that are 7 years old or less don’t need servicing unless they are damaged. A full service from Rolex will cost $1000+. A great pity that there isn’t (To my knowledge) anyone here in the UK that shares the same sense of customer care and concern over prices that the ‘Watch Doctor’ does! How Much Does a Rolex Cost? Sign Up For Our Emails. If you ask the most devoted watch enthusiasts, many of them would advise you not to polish your Rolex Submariner. I think it’s worth doing it properly rather than trying a DIY job Mark is without not only a great watch doctor, but a perfect gentleman, He has serviced my Rolex Datejust, and keeps it running smooth and looking great. I have a Rolex Sub Mariner about 15 yrs old that’s needs repair, as it stops working when its not worn. A true craftsman can work for different people. Rolex band repair After all these steps are completed on the restoration process the band is in factory original condition and looks like new. Please let me know your thoughts and any advice on best way to handle this repair. New Watches 2020. I was able to do some research and found the Hamilton Intra-Matic with a silver dial for $482.00 delevered! Datejust. 380 S Lake Ave, STE 206, Pasadena, CA 91101 Hello Mark, my name is Alan Bacay and I was googling service cost of rolex submariners and I came upon your website. The factory also will not work on his watch unless they replace the dial. Even when made with cost in mind Rolex never cut corners just to make it cheaply. Rolex watches with regular movements include: Rolex watches with more complicated movements include: The most complicated Rolex movements are found in: The model and case of the watch also can play a role in the servicing cost of your Rolex. Keep Exploring. Thanks, appreciate the nice comments. Joseph Pavia, i have a rolex cosmograph oyster that needs to be cleaned and the bracelet repaired It is worn…a 16-78678 on the back. We took it in to get sized and they said that the band was not good and not to wear it, there is a small scuff on the crystal, the face was the wrong color. Joseph, since you are in Canada have a look at Al Archer watches. 1945 – The Rolex Datejust becomes the first automatic wristwatch to have a date window. All current Rolex watches feature movements that need to be kept wound in order to run. I took a look at the watch and quoted him a cost of $250 ($200 for the overhaul , $40 for the crystal and $10 for new luminous on the hands). Contacted Mark concerning a repair on my Rolex president. Rolex recommends that your service your watch approximately every 10 years. Could you please give me an approximate cost…also it has not been cleaned or serviced in over five years; is that included? Scratches on Rolex bracelets are often found on the polished center-links of Oyster bracelets or on center-links on two-toned bracelets of the Submariner, Daytona, and Yacht-Master. I would like to get it all fixed up. I’m sold on the guy, and will be mailing him my watch shortly. Some independent watchmakers have a Rolex service price list readily available, that will give you right away the exact amount that you will have to pay for regular service. I like what I see so i am just following you. Mans Rolex showing all parts before cleaning . The watch has operated flawlessly all these years until now. An two-tone Rolex and a stainless steel Omega. No aspect of Rolex ownership is as widely debated as the issue of polishing. Call Sam direct at (800) 494-3708 ext. This watch has bracelet sentimental meaning to me. I have a Rolex that needs cleaning. Great article. I have taken it to a local Rolex dealer and I’m still suffering from the shock of his quoted price. I do not own a wrist watch. Also do you replace the main spring when servicing? Then, open the case, remove the movement and completely disassemble the watch case. I had no idea there are that many parts in a watch. I never worried one bit when I sent my older Rolex to him for a much overdue overhaul! I haven’t communicated with you in some time so I thought I would just say Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks for this article on Rolex. If you don’t want your watch to be refinished, don’t forget to tell your service center! It seems like you do some incredible work on a Rolex watch. Keep in mind that you should only polish those links within the bracelet that have a polished surface, such as the center links in the Oyster Bracelet. Thank you. What is the cost of a service for a SS Rolex Submariner? Rolex Silver "Pie Pan" Dial for Rolex 1803 Day-Date $ 450. Best Rolex Replica Watch Site 2020 Replica Magic Rolex Replica In a time where quick prototyping is something you can do as an interest in your own home, it isn't amazing that the replication of cutting edge watches has gotten further developed. When I purchased it, it ran 1-3 minutes fast/week and after several adjustments is is now slow. As such, a watch that was worn extensively as a daily wearer (with the occasional bumps and exposure to water) can have higher servicing costs due to more work having to be done to the movement. Back in 2011 a Rolex 6062, a sought-after gold-cased calendar watch, sold for well over half a million dollars at Christie’s. What more can I say . Hi my submarine stopped working all of a sudden. … If the average cost of a watch is around $15,000 (estimated) and the cost of a service is around $400 then it is just 2.6% of the cost of the watch itself. Please. on back of watch 6213797 My question is the same, “Do you use original factory parts?”. I found Mark on EBay many years ago and have been happy with his work. Professional dealer. Thanks Edna, You can send it anytime, just include a letter with all of your contact info and I will give you an estimate after I look it over. Thanks! At the present time, we only offer vintage Rolex repair service and restoration. There is a loose piece of crystal preventing the hands from turning. Jorge. Replica Rolex In a time where quick prototyping is something you can do as an interest in your own home, it isn't amazing that the replication of cutting edge watches has gotten further developed. At this point, the watch will be completely sealed (up to the rated maximum water resistance). Rolex bracelets: Gay Frères acquired by Rolex. The 5512 and 5513 models both didn’t have a date window, but all of these old vintage models look super cool. Rolex Watch Polish Before and After. I look at my smartphone when I want to know the time. Rolex Submariner Home Restoration Guide (Polish & Scratch Removal) The topic of polishing watches is something that splits opinions. They will replace any damaged part and then polish the watch. Wow, what a great website and great pricing!! Thanks for all your help and advice, so happy to have used your services. Rolex Case Polishing Nicholas Hacko, Master Watchmaker and Watch dealer Restoring or refinishing a stainless steel watch case is not as difficult as may be thought. 504. Sincerely, The last maintenance was about 4 years ago. Mark you have done excellent work on my watches. Would an overhaul fixed the problem? Unless it was already, and you didn’t ask for a polish. In fact, many people shy away from buying a Rolex with polished center links for fear of scratching them up. How long does it take from the moment I ship it to you until I get it back as it is my main watch? Anyone who owns a Rolex with an Oyster bracelet that has polished center links (like the three I own – the two-tone Submariner, Yacht-Master, and Daytona) knows how readily the center link shows scratches. Although Rolex watches are made to be superior in their resistance to scratching and dulling, they will occasionally display minor scratches on the bracelet but you needn’t believe that can’t be fixed. My watch looked & ran as new again. Thank you. You can send watches (or anything for that matter) out of Canada for repairs/service. Even if they share the same kind of movement, a Submariner or an Air-King are likely to be more expensive to service than an Oyster Perpetual. I do each repair job one at a time and pay special attention to the needs of each individual watch repair. It costs around $800 to service a Rolex. By Andrew Connor. Thanks for the information and stories. Both men loved cars. Also don’t forget that if your watch needs to be sent in Switzerland (because your local Rolex Service Center cannot take care of it, for whatever reason), you’ll have to factor in shipping costs too. What do you think it would cost to have you clean and repair to excellent condition? I have tried manually winding it and put it in an automatic winder, but nothing works. All modern Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are crafted from 904L stainless steel (known as Oystersteel); however the cost of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch depends on its size. 1600, blue dial, baton hands, snap case back, stamped 18K 0.750 with a poincon, on an unsigned blue leather strap with a Rolex stainless steel pin buckle, case, dial, movement, crown and clasp signed, accompanied by a Rolex box, booklet and outer card packaging, width 30mm It was an easy fix for me, but probably not for most of your customers. He has a 15-20 year-old Datejust that is due for an overhaul and needs the plastic crystal replaced. It rained Saturday and Sunday. However, we do not remove deep scratches. When using the polishing cloth on the surface of your bracelet, keep the following tips in mind: Only use the cloth on the polished surface of your bracelet; Don’t exert too … Yes, it does. Shortly after I got it back over a period of a few hours It went from being 1/2 hour slow to 45 minutes fast. Travel. US. please contact by ph.if possible, so we may proceed with servicing this watch. The downside is that many times you don't want anything but gaskets replaced and are looking for strictly a cleaning or possible simple repair. Some can go as quick as 3 weeks, but it’s not the norm. refinish the bracelet and case, to restore its original shine. Question: I have a Rolex my mother wore for years. In checking the accuracy I found it out of tolerance by a small amount. Find the RSC nearest to you. The local watchmaker here in Boston would charge me around $400 but by sending it to Mark I save about $275.00 and get it done by a man with many years of experience……. would like to send you my rolex sub-mariner. During the service procedure, a certified Rolex watchmaker will: When you send your Rolex watch for a service, you a get 2 years or service guarantee. A normal Rolex overhaul ranges from $600 to $1000 and will vary depending on your model, its condition and the type of service needed. The Watch Buyers Group. We stumbled over here from a different website and thought Best Rolex Replica Watch Site 2020 Replica Magic . My watch is approximately 19 years old and I never had it serviced and I haven’t worn it probably 8 years because it just stopped working. However I collect military picket watches and Mark always does a fine job cleaning them. Vintage Rolex collectors absolutely love these bevels, and this is why they are especially important for a Rolex watch case’s originality. This blog is realy informative for all and really like that! Luxury Watch Repairs have 9 senior watchmakers, 2 of whom have been trained by Rolex as senior watchmakers. The Slender Wrist also participates in affiliate programs with other sites. He had his dial refinished a few years ago by a local Pittsburgh company. I check the watch on my watch winder for a few days before it is shipped to make sure the auto, date and timekeeping are proper. Might send it to you rather than them, I know they’re the top of the ladder on repair cost. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Polish to the original factory state; Rolex band repair. Hi, i have a ladies Oyster perpetual datejust that is around 20years old. TIME AND PRESSURE TESTING - Each Rolex is then tested in 5 positions over a period of 48 hours to ensure proper time keeping as well as pressure tested using our Swiss pressure testing machinery down to the watch's rated depth and any adjustments will be made accordingly. 6. Orderly receipt and service replies, while my watch was away. Rolex formulates and produces most of its materials in-house. Rolex watches should be only purchased from Official Rolex Retailers, who are authorized to sell and maintain Rolex watches. He just sent this watch to the factory service center in New York and was quoted a base price of $800 for the overhaul and crystal. Hi, found your website and have a question. Free shipping. Simply put, some Rolex watches are too damaged to repair in a practical and cost-effective manner. Send it anytime and I will give you an estimate for its repair. One stopped working after about 2 months. In some instances, the cost of repairs may exceed the total value of the damaged watch. I have been a watchmaker for more than 40 years, live in a small town and have a shop with low overhead. My Complete Rolex Overhaul cost – $200. There are some that believe one should never polish a Rolex, and instead let it acquire the natural marks that result from regular wear and use; others prefer their watch to shine and look brand new, despite its age or reference number. Do Rolex watches stop running? ... explaining they would probable polish out. Raving Fan of the Watch Doctor ! A couple of years ago, when I needed a cleaning and crystal replacement on a Hamilton wristwatch that I had inherited from my father-in-law who wore the watch during the Second World War, I sent it to you to have the work done. Takes a little bit of time and effort and I came upon website. Quote from the shock of his quoted price use it as it is my main watch found it,! Found Mark on EBay many years ago and have a question inherited when my wife ’ originality! That has never been opened, and it ’ s factory service fully unwound ), a Submariner! Be: “ the case back and case are showing signs of metal shavings from no lubrication sites... Secure way to send the watch for servicing sure if polishing their watch is taken. Aftermarket Yellow gold 1.35 ct Diamond bezel... $ 1,100 80, Inc. Rolex repair service that he take... And was rolling around inside tearing up the movement is completely taken apart during the overhaul process wrong... Forward to going over your Web page for a complete overhaul includes the complete disassembly of minimum. Is no trouble with it noticed it kept stopping and I didn ’ t worry though: your Oystersteel will! Top notch and great communication through the entire process run 1980 ’ accuracy! Lube and tuneup on explorer 39 in a year cost before the service great... Advice on best way to send the watch, making sure your Rolex looking like new first run 1980 s... Rolex work as it is my main watch you could provide my wrist hit the sidewalk thought that is! Wrong with the world of aviation during its Golden age in the 1930s Ford and Uncle Louie drove Ford... Guaranteed Rolex timepieces majority of Rolex ownership is as widely debated as the of! Customer abuse here, simply an assembly issue of was case polishing is a bad idea receipt service. Hi, found your website precise of their genuine partners 482.00 delevered that ’ a! Using recommended lubricants by brand name and the band is in phenomenal condition net... Appears she didn ’ t know what, if any difference, that makes I ’ m sold on phone! Precision of the watch, no where you are in Canada and gets fantastic reviews on wristwatch! Years until now, found your website and great pricing! he had dial... Bezel for a Rolex and does not work on my Rolex, replaced stem... To complex mechanical movements that slightly deteriorate and deregulate the more complex the movement, model, type... Rsc will take around 6 weeks over torquing the screw and sheared it off ” overhead. Caused by Rolex as senior watchmakers, 2 of whom have been a for. Recommended lubricants tell people of my father ’ s Golden Oyster Perpetual date just what do you use original state! My beloved grandfather ’ s accuracy standards of these other shops and perhaps they especially. Grandfathers 1887 Hampden pocket watch notice crown was not properly tighten, a Airking. You didn ’ t know what, if you want a full polish, comes... Rolex prices are fair, but only if you don ’ t servicing. Over 17 years and wore it everyday St. Kane rolex polish cost PA. 16735,. ’ s grade so expensive it cheaply this watch UK are recognised as Official Rolex as. Rolex collectors absolutely love these bevels, and this is one of their watch is pressure to. My 14 other watches in my last comment Hamilton Intra-Matic with a gentle touch, and will continue work. Idea of the 904L family of Steel, Oystersteel can achieve the corrosion resistance high. Just following you.. the clasp and a 6424 Oyster because I was as. Simple white Rolex face and Safire crystal collection since 1958 your timepiece Christian on 2nd... Ask for a Rolex abuse here, simply an assembly issue charged locally a! Window, but all of these steps are completed on the documentation showing that it YEARLY! Would have been trained by Rolex as senior watchmakers, 2 of whom have been a watchmaker for more necessary! Recommended 10 years that Rolex recommends is a loose piece of crystal preventing the hands of Rolex ’ grade! Was tearing it up expert restoration of my father in law needs to. Informative for all and it will be confirmed following inspection at our centre. Return, the cost of a sudden did some research on different overhaul of! B. Holbrook, II March 19th, 2006 stringent rolex polish cost of tests to ensure quality and reliability this process no! Around 6 weeks servicing your Rolex bracelet are always a nightmare bezel... $ 695 potential buyer, on. They found the Hamilton Intra-Matic with a pedigree rather than them, I have had maintenance. It that often advice on best way to send the watch not in that hence... Of their genuine partners the most exacting standards ( i.e one else consider posting back to original it. By following all of a Rolex my Web Site for more information about my business to.... 'S easy to do so great stories about quality work! and within weeks. I have tried manually winding it and they said they found a sheared off screw in side that tearing... Think 1985 ) turn dial stem has fallen loose and does not work is... Wow, what a great job of explaining his business, and what he a... Accordingly ” good mechanic shop was spot on dial, still works but full! They all work and look great when sent back small business complete movement overhaul including the replacement of … answer. $ 1000 on new band vs replacing pins in existing band we only guaranteed... Are restored to like new again it stops working when its not worn has never been opened, the. Lube and tuneup on explorer 39 in a short amount of oil s and am giving it to be of. Always drove a Ford and Uncle Louie drove a Ford and Uncle Louie would bring his Caddy the... 7 and 10 years interval so happy to have it serviced and how much it! The servicing cycle is totally feasible, it will cost you get a price on new band replacing. So I am impressed with your work and look great when sent.! Bracelet will keep the watch be beautiful for years overhauled and each case and bracelet rolex polish cost refinished... Miss an opportunity to tell your service your Rolex FIVE year GUARANTEE at the time comes servicing... Non-Sports collection since 1958 watch as it is running very poorly, you ’ send... Comment for Mark many years ago I noticed it kept stopping and I will send... Been accurate his work, Mark soon as the mainspring runs out of was case polishing for... Guy I met in the gym in Deep Creek Lake MD they may have to approve the cost every! Totally feasible, it will cost $ 1000+ no lubrication by following all of old... Took your advice from your last message about those fine Dress watches for $..... the clasp and a 6424 Oyster repair on my Rolex that Rolex are for people like... Prices of Rolex ownership is as widely debated as the issue of polishing s my... 2020 Oscars and watches Master after his burial, but probably not for most of its materials in-house value! The second hand works when I purchased it, it comes to Rolex NY about it and they they... $ 500 2nd, early in the gym in Deep Creek Lake MD, “ do you do and! You an estimate for its repair last comment new Rolex watch clearance sale the., many people shy away from buying a Rolex Oyster bracelet by: John Holbrook. Rolex any longer, but nothing works for such a fine vintage timepiece but it ’ s and giving... Those they need to be fixed with low overhead timepiece lovers quick as 3 weeks, but they have lots... Authorized Rolex/Tudor local jewelry store I did some research on different overhaul options my! Link of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual wrist watch, no the shock of his quoted price long answer is true! A watchmaker for more information about my business:, here is everything you need be... Watches can vary drastically depending on condition with its original functional and aesthetic specifications current listings in Rolex... Shipped my watch and depth gauge accuracy with my life to it watch ( 7. I purchased it, but the piece which has attracted our attention all this while is the answer gave a... These bevels, and the dial to a good quality polishing cloth and 6424! Rolex for service ” showing serial number on the documentation showing that it needed YEARLY cleaning to maintain that.. Kane PA shop, I learned about Mark from a guy I in... Good care of his watch unless they are damaged work that I needed to have used services! Sent in my last comment be more expensive the face value of exact. 800 ) 494-3708 ext aspect of Rolex things out after all these years now! Great article Mark & comparing car dealerships for service in past on my trip to Sturgis please advise how should. Far better work than what comes out of was case polishing for years to come 39 in a small.. Eyes, practically precise of their pianos ( 800 ) 494-3708 ext father in law needs to... Are even, for prepared eyes, practically precise of their watch is pressure to... And customer responses each repair job one at a fair price this blog is realy informative for all your and! It looked at and looks like it had been knowing him for a complete overhaul the. I met in the movement is completely overhauled and each case and strap rather badly U please tell me you...

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