. Shipping Policy Or I will sell the paddles for $550 for just the tires. Designed as a combination sand tire and desert tire, the 1200 DT has become a favorite . Browse . Choose from top TV tire manufacturers like: EFX, ITP, Sedona, Kenda, Cheng Shin and more are available at the lowest prices. Our Sport ATV Sand Kits include your choice of ATV Tires and Wheels, including ITP sand tires, GBC sand tires, Gecko ATV tires, Sand Devil tires, Sand Shark tires, Sand Skate II tires, Shark Fin tires, Dune Trakker tires, Dune Runner tires, and more! The DragonFire Kopa Sand tires are engineered to be incredibly light! View on Amazon. Motorcycle Sand Tires. For even pulling in the sand ; However, some budgets call for the acquisition of cheaper alternatives. August 28, 2008 in Sand Forum, will I get from these paddles. Nevertheless, youll still find a few affordable tires that can guarantee you a safe, thrilling and comfortable ride. All rights reserved. Contact Us, Terms & Conditions We offer a wide variety of standard configurations that have been especially designed for applications such as ATV and UTV sand use, Motorcycle Sand and hill-climb competitions, as well as our Sand Drag, Mud Bogg, and tractor Pull Tires. 8-paddle design. 602.975.8332. The front tires are drastically different from the rear, and they are so incredibly specialized for sand, that youll have a tough time using them anywhere else. }. 15/16 tall, 1/8 thick at the base and 14 wide, the Demon paddles span the width of the whole tire to provide more traction. I'd recommend 10 paddle Skats. . What Are Sandcraft Demon Paddle Tires: These Sandcraft Destroyer Demon Paddle Sand Tires Offer a Paddle that is 15/16 tall and 14 width Paddle that covers the whole tire to provide better traction and give you a better grip for larger, heavier, and higher horsepower machines. Cost was $800 new. We offer a wide variety of standard configurations that have been especially . Developed by Tensor Engineers specifically for modern high-performance machines, Patent pending Velocity Grid design provides added biting edges for superior handling, acceleration, and braking, Lightweight 2 ply bias construction and Velocity Grid design reduces rotating mass for maximum power delivery, 33 tall tire provides added ground clearance for increased vehicle capability, Dual apex turning ribs provide exceptional steering response, Pair with Tensor SS rear tire for ultimate acceleration, Optimized mass and paddle design limits drivetrain stress while delivering max performance, 14 paddles optimized with a 1 height for maximum performance, Pair with Tensor SS front tire for precision steering and stability. Get the best deal for ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Tires for 1992 Yamaha Big Bear 350 from the largest online selection at eBay.com.my. Sand Star Rear Tire 26x11-12 R/H (10 Paddle) - Fits: Arctic Cat 334735551255 In case you need a comfortable and safe ride, Vee Rubber is the design to go with. Since paddle tires are not required to ride . More Info. But it wasn't until the introduction of the 32 tall Desert Series (DS) race tire that hardcore enthusiasts and racers really began to give the brand some serious attention. Riding with sand tires makes it easier to climb faster and go up larger dunes. This is the aspect that makes it possible for the tires to move on sand just like on normal ground. There is not much of a difference. The Skat-Trak Extreme is one of the best ATV sand tires available. skat trak all the way, no other way to go, its worth the money, it rained saturday when we got there at like 3 or 4. then sunday and monday was F!ckin awesome weather, tuesday had rain from 7-10 in the morning, and we left wednesday morning, left side of banshee was pretty soft. This is large enough to sustain the riders weight and still maneuver the ground surface like a snake slithering through grass. . Air pressure here is also important. They are highlighted with tread designs on exterior surfaces to improve their hauls on surfaces. Sometimes these designs arent compatible with other bikes. Deserts are sticky with sand. The 33 tall diameter provides additional ground clearance for further capability. Cross-country rallies also known as Rally After debuting his 2022 Polaris RZR ProR race vehicle at the California 300(claiming a 2nd in class), Tensor Tire and Factory Polaris racer Brande A Can-Am Maverick X3 with 350hp? I saw some CJs and TJs out there with paddle tires and some powerful sounding engines. Free shipping on many items! Great package all around. Youre not dreaming. Paired with the SS front tire, this setup offers precision steering, stability, and ultimate acceleration. $654.99 $ 654. Browse . Center lug on front tires gives you excellent handling and more grip. From mud and sand to hard-packed surfaces and rocks, Side By Side Stuff has what you need to take on terrain challenges or chores. Combined with the lightweight 2 ply, it also reduces rotating mass for maximum power delivery. Turf/Grass/Pavement. Maxxis tires are high quality models, built with precision to serve and last you a long time without wearing or tearing. Our tires are ruff buffed for better traction and display a Mohawk width of 1 3/4 and height of 1/4 down the tires center to improve steering. You also might benefit from running a tire thats also a lot wider than your wheel. That will give you a larger contact patch than if you ran at stock pressure. Youll have to do some research to figure out what tire works best with your setup. 104" roll out.dwt wheels.blow by catch can.kc gravity 6 led bar.evo stage 3 tune.evo cat delete.evo big air intake.kwi x34 clutchkit.triple x seats with 3 person rear bench.galaxy tab a 10".2x motorsports bump steer delete tie rod kit.2x motorsports gusset kit.whiptech . Billet Specialties. How, then, do these tires work? Healy Lock Series Beadlock Wheels from SuperATV, They come in 12 or 13 paddle configurations, Molded front and rear treads give you extreme traction. SCORE. The inclusion of grips on the surface makes the tires better at traction and gaining faster speed. Molded front and rear treads give you extreme traction. JavaScript is disabled. The GBC Sand Devil quad sand tire features a straight-scoop paddle across the tread of the tire for even pulling in the sand. Eight paddles have been attached to the outer surfaces of these tires. AI Score. Apart from the comfort riders get with these tires, the paddling the models make is so powerful that youll stay ahead of the game in case you are out for a race. Speaking of sand generally, though, you want a wider tire and a negative offset wheel. Here are a lot of pictures, so one can see the condition that the wheels and tires are in. color: #000; Similarly, in case you get lost, you need to be found. They are in perfect condition still. Its easyfor better flotation and grip, you want to air them down to between 3 and 5 psi. Heres a quick rundown: Choosing between these two tire types depends on how much handling vs straight-line speed you want. The amount of grip a tire has is highly dependent on the number of paddles but also the size of the paddles. FOR SALE! 7/8 tall, 11 wide and 1/8 thick at the base of the paddle to give better grip for bigger, higher horsepower UTVs. In addition to the revolutionary Velocity Grid design, the front SS also features dual apex turning ribs. . This will make your sand tires balloon out and helps grip on soft terrain. Don't be afraid to drop your rig into the teens when sand is on the menu. Dirt bikes race wildly like coyotes. .wp-classic-pros-cons { How much do your Destroyer paddle tires weigh? Hi all, getting ready to buy some paddles for 18 turbo dynamics. To complete the Destroyer set, the rear paddle tires are accompanied with our 2-ply rated (UTV specific) Mohawk fronts that help pull your front tires in 4-wheel drive and have been designed to eliminate the push when turning on standard buffed tires. Discount ATV Tires. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Greenball Corporation manufactures the GBC line ATV Tires, GBC Bigfoot Tires and GBC Sand Tires. $250.99. May 6, 2021. 3rd? Buy new Greenball Sand Devil tires from SimpleTire at the lowest cost and get them delivered directly to you, or one of our 20,000+ installation centers in days. I am selling my GBC 20x11-8 Sand Devil paddle tires mounted on .125 douglas wheels. Get the best deal for ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Tires for 2021 Suzuki King Quad 750 from the largest online selection at eBay.com.my. Sand. The Dirt Bike Review is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. 15" x 10" to 12". . On a recent trip to Glamis we stopped off at Skat Trak in Calimesa Ca, to pick up two complete sets of sand tires. Terms and Conditions. Copyright 2022 Pure Offroad Inc.. All Rights Reserved. There's quite a "hump" left where the #1 paddles use to be. $235.95. SLIDE AROUND THE BOWLS > Contact Us Unlike hard and stony grounds that are bumpy all the way, deserts are softer and full of sand. GBC Sand Devil ATV Tires ; GBC Shark Fin ATV Tires ; GBC Sand Skate ATV Tires ; GBC MudHog ATV Tires ; Our best tires includes Maxxis Carnivore, Maxxis Roxxzilla, Pro Armor Crawler, System 3 XTR370 and other tires from brands such as GBC, ITP, Raceline, STI, Quadboss and more! yfzcentral.com is not in any way affiliated with Yamaha Motor Company, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Theyre the best you can get!. I thought that the sand sharks hooked up a little better just because they were a little taller and it seemed like they flexed less. While we carry specific ATV/UTV tires, we also have "paddle tires" that will unlock traction and performance on even the finest dry sand across the many deserts and beaches of the USA. Suggested: $614.97 You Pay: $595.00. And when youre running low pressure, you need beadlocks. The classic V-angled paddle design churns sand and ensures traction and excellent cornering and turning stability. Our 2-ply rated tires are the lightest, yet strongest, on the market. border: none; } I went cheap and picked up an Ideal Tire Groover and some #12 blades/head (3/4" wide). Height. The Sand Devil is designed to give maximum performance in any sandy condition. Free shipping on many items! 34 X 13R15. Since youre in the grip game when you ride on sand, youll be running your sand tires at a lower pressure. 8 paddles with 33/32" tread depth; Excellent . .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-btn-wrapper .jd-wppc-btn { FREE delivery Nov 29 - Dec 1 . > Frequently Asked Questions Super Grip Super Light AT Atv Tires (3) $84.00. Tusk Sand Lite Rear UTV Paddle Tires (32x12-15 (15 Paddle)) $219.99 $ 219. Want to become a ROGUE SAND TIRE dealer? Is it heavy and coarse? 7/8 tall, 1/8 thick at the base and 14 wide, the Talon paddles cover the width of the whole tire to hook harder on launch. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, classifieds, and more! Your previous content has been restored. Free shipping for many products! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It has fox performance 2.0 shocks and a 1.5 inch lift from teraflex to fit 33-35" tires. You can post now and register later. Editor's Choice: Skat-Trak Extreme. Just like in any other tire, durability is needed in paddle designs, to give it more strength to resist impact and other elements, such as friction that tend to wear the tire off. You get a huge amount of traction in terrain that tends to swallow up riders whole. Light weight, American made sand paddle tires for sand dune vehicles. Warranty Services: 1-866-767-9637. PRICING. Paired with the SS front tire, this setup offers precision steering, stability, and ultimate acceleration. Sand Viper Raised Rib Steering Tire - Front - 5.00-15. Sand Paddle Tires | EFX Sandslingers. BansheeHQ (2) As low as $16.15 per month*. yeah, i could get the left side on banshee in 3rd pretty easy. 2005 YFZ 450 SE, 06 Hot Rods crank, GYT-R pro series SS system, Wiesco piston, Andrest Performance head porting, cam mod & K&N. Required fields are marked *. An optimized mass and paddle design, 14 paddles at 1" height, limits drivetrain stress and delivers max performance. The rear tires weigh slightly more depending on paddle count. Thats why paddle tires come in to Wade through sand and keep the bike safe in the process. You cannot paste images directly. The rzr has a flashed tune and runs great. > Track My Order Knowing that you and the . For a more complete rundown of optimal tire and wheel combos, check out our guide on how to pair UTV tires and wheels. ( 275-350+ Wheel HP ), HOOK HARDER I need a less aggressive paddle for my trans (bus 091) and would like to trade if possible. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. For any mechanical device to find its way through, its always critical that some improvisation is done on the moving parts, especially the tires, considering they are the only parts in contact with the ground, to enable the device move freely without getting stuck or slowed down. SANDCRAFT Motorsports is the first to research and develop specific paddle tires and mate them to exact horsepower ratings for optimal performance. If you were still interested in a set I might know someone that has some. He moved so easily and he did not seem to tire. We carry such a large variety of tires because the height, width, paddle count and composition are all important factors . The front SS Sand Series tire weighs just 24.4lbs and is available in a 33x11-15 size. . Custom paint by me. May 4, 2005. The total price mounted and to my door was $278.74. Some perennial favorites include the DWT Doonz and the STU Blaster, both carving our their legend in the UTV industry. An optimized mass and paddle design, 14 paddles at 1 height, limits drivetrain stress and delivers max performance. The 2000 Series was designed primarily for competition use with sand dragsters and sand hill climbers. Buggy, UTV and SXS Tires. This sand grabbing ATV tire is excellent for straight-line drag racing, and its lightweight construction offers maximum performance in the sand. You need to find reliable paddle tires that can dabble and glide through the sand like a dolphin in the Pacific. Too many paddles and youll be slow to get moving and never really get the flotation you need. Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tires (87) $79.00. High Lifter Outlaw 6-Ply Tire - 12 and 14 Inch. Utilizes the traditional straight edge paddle design. Powersports Sand Grabbing tire which is Excellent for Straight Line Drag Racing. AMS SAND KING TIRES. Consider this your sand tire guide. they are way better than using dirt tires, but do not hook up very well at all compared to other paddles. Primarily, youll need an average number of paddles to achieve better grip. No need to worry, these are also available. All other trademarks, product names, and logos contained in this site are property of their respective owners. Copyright 2021 SuperATV. If its not incorporated into the design of your tires, then the bike is as good as dead. Sand Tires Unlimited Sport Tires of America Dune Sport 14.50 x 15" Paddle Tires With Number II Scoop. And how do you know youre getting the best bang for your buck? It works very well on small 4x4's without modifying suspension. PRODUCT OVERVIEW. Choose Your Size and Paddle Count Above. I suggest hauler's though, I'm interested in them because I'm cutting short to a dune trip and looking for a cheaper set of straight paddles for the yfz, they were my first paddles ive ever bought. } Sand tires, or paddle tires, are the best way to make your ATV, UTV or dune buggy drive like it was purpose-built for ripping through sand dunes. Sand or Paddle Tires. However, sandy deserts would require a completely different set of tires for the race to be as normal as in the woods. SandSports SXS Sand Tires. G Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts (people love working outdoors with people and plants). > Shipping & Returns Your one stop shop for all your custom quad needs. Heres what you need to know: You can get Healy Lock Series Beadlock Wheels from SuperATV or Hellfire Innerlock Wheels from Assault Industries. Compare. Their fidelity makes them a brand to be trusted. Sand in the desert may easily get stuck between the tires or mechanical parts of the bike. color: #fff; If it doesnt say skat trak i wouldnt give you a bucket of piss for em. This tire was designed for sport quads, and there are a ton of . The Dirt Bike Review is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. 1. Heres what you can expect when you run sand tires: But how do you pick the right set for you? Your link has been automatically embedded. The rear blades allow for the extreme versatility, powering . Maximizes hook-up for that all important trip up the hill! They are lightweight but this does not prevent them from running through any kind of terrain undeterred. CONTACT. The Sand Devil is designed to give maximum performance in any sandy condition. ( 100-212 Engine HP ), THROW SOME SAND All rights reserved. Save Share. Installation of this tire is to be conducted on the rear part. Being a DIY guy, I wanted to give a go at comp cutting my Sand Blaster paddle tires. .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-header .wppc-box-symbol img { Getting lost in the desert isnt something youll relish. The front SS Sand Series tire weighs just 24.4lbs and is available in a 33x11-15 size. For a dirt bike to withstand constant abuse and torture from the elements of nature, including hailstones, heavy rain, stony ground, muddy places and desert sand, durability is of utmost importance. Browse by Brand, Fuel UTV Maverick D538 Wheel Sizes & more, Sand Tires Unlimited | Sand Blaster Tires 33 x 17 | No. Without water, you may not survive past a few days. Regardless, they are tough and can withstand the extreme temperatures of the desert for the duration theyll be working. Skat-Trak Extreme. Traction between the ground and the tires increases. When riding through sand, the paddles do a great job holding on to the sand and keeping the tires rolling as fast as possible. Meeco's Red Devil MultiFuel Firelighting Pellets 1.5lbMade from premium red fir sawdust and denatured alcohol.Fastest, easiest, cleanest and most efficient way to start multifuel, corn, pellet and coal stoves.Pellets reach a temperature of 1800 F within Nylon is moderately lightweight and hard. Compare. Free shipping. But what about paddle count? Sedona Cyclone Sand Paddle Tire - Rear Right - 20x11x10 , Position: Right Rear, Rim Size: 10, Tire Application: Sand, Tire Size: 20x11x10, Tire Type: ATV/UTV CY201110R. Time to kick your envy to the curb and get yourself a nice set of sand tires. 15x8 with all hardware - 15.5lbs. This brand was founded in 1995 to deal with the design and manufacture of ATV and UTV tires. (0) $176.00. PROMOTIONS AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED. Mailing Address: PO Box 5732. Our ATV tires and wheels category includes ATV mud tires, ATV Tires and Wheels, ATV Bigfoot kits, discount ATV tires, ATV sand tires, ITP ATV Tires, GBC atv tires, Kenda ATV tires, Dunlop ATV tires, Gator ATV tires, ATV paddle tires, Maxxis ATV tires, Dirt Devil ATV tires, Honda ATV tires, 4 Wheeler Tires, Four Wheeler Rims, all highly discounted, delivered to your door!