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Click here to start a free 14-day trial and get your custom wedding website URL today. Zola; Wedding Website Wedding Website. wedding website designs!. I loved all the user friendly features in designing and creating the site. Michael was leaving on another extended business trip and as his train was pulling away, he rushed to the back and yelled out “Marry me!” to Kimmy who was standing on the platform. We love that Zola offers a whopping 167 templates in every chic style imaginable, plus save-the-dates and invitations to match. Sometimes all you need is a minimalistic, to the point website. Email us or reach out at 1-408-657-ZOLA. Zola’s free wedding website builder is equally impressive, beginning with the drag-and-drop website builder tool that is super easy to use. Feb 14, 2018 - The best wedding website examples created by real WeddingWoo customers. Today’s design inspiration article is a list of very cool and creative wedding website examples. The color combination gives off Nashville or Austin vibes that are retro and contemporary all at the same time. Give information about each of your personalities and what you love about each other. How do I create my wedding website? Read on for examples, tips, and ideas to help you get started! Build Your Registry. Managing your registry just got simpler. Black is a bold, unexpected choice for a website that gives off an air of Great Gatsby-like glamour. At Zola, we offer some of the best wedding website design options available. In fact, many traditional industries are being left in the dust by technology advances. The “you’re invited” sticker is reminiscent of a passport stamp, which makes us think it would be perfect for a destination wedding. The layouts are easy to use, edit, and navigate, and the customer service has been great. However, Zola decided to go even further and added a Honeymoon service, which usually involves planning a wedding trip: booking a hotel, buying tickets, etc. Their e-commerce system means couples don’t return gifts; rather, they can exchange them for money. Part of creating your wedding website means taking a walk down memory lane while at the same time preparing for the future ahead. Each will guide you to where and how much you should add to your wedding website’s About Us story. While Zola wedding websites are pretty basic HTML pages, we think they have the cleanest layouts and are the easiest to navigate (for both the website creator and their wedding guests! to list of example sites Latest commit ec3669d Dec 1, 2020 History Just three documents with a common base template and footer navigation. Free Wedding Websites. We’re obsessed with this sweet, muted green and nude combination. This website manages to be both fun and grownup at the same time. At the very least, you can glean some ideas for your own website. But one thing we do know is that their wedding website … But in the end, a change of pace is exactly what we both needed and we got to a place where we could completely be ourselves together. Feb 14, 2018 - The best wedding website examples created by real WeddingWoo customers. It’s a great choice for an array of wedding types, from beachfront to ballroom. As an example, online counselors are available for pretty much everything you need for your mental health requirements, or online universities and virtual learning provide the opportunity to stay home and get an education. The Zola registration lives on the wedding website itself — it doesn’t send you off-site like The Knot does. Wedding Websites: Weddingwire or Zola Mecca , on December 12, 2018 at 11:15 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 15 Saved Save This website is nautical and beachy without being too obvious. It gives guests a chance to know more about both of you since the bride’s side may not know too much about the groom’s and vice-versa. How can I submit my wedding to be published on Zola? ... for example. Really like the symmetrical design of … We're Zola, the wedding company that'll do anything for love. #1 stylish wedding websites. Get your questions answered about Zola’s free wedding websites. A wedding website FAQ puts all of the commonly asked questions into one neatly organized place. Since these extensions are less common, you may find that your first choice domain name is available here, even if the .com version has already been taken. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite wedding website templates. It’s one of the most popular parts of a wedding site. Wedding planning has been going high-tech for years. Guests can buy items from Zola; Zola gets a cut of the profits. Get your questions answered about Zola’s free wedding websites. Couples also typically print the URL of their wedding website or registry on their save the dates, shower invitations, or … If you know you’re having a ceremony and reception that follows the traditions of your culture, it’s a nice idea to incorporate that wedding detail into your website. Need some wedding website inspiration? We found that we balance each other out in all the right ways. Zola Wedding Website Free Wedding Websites. When coming up with your wedding website’s About Us, think of a favorite moment from your relationship and share it with your loved ones. Guests want to feel like they have a bit of insider knowledge about the spouses-to-be. Today’s design inspiration article is a list of very cool and creative wedding website examples. Ahead, we list out some of our wedding website template favorites (there are over 300 to choose from, which you can check out here ) that will hopefully help spark some … Like Zola, Blueprint allows for group gifting and cash gifts. See our guide to COVID-19 and wedding planning here. Maybe you’re childhood sweethearts and everyone who is attending your wedding has watched your relationship grow. He’s outgoing and vivacious, caring and kind. Cons. Throughout the years, though, we’d run into each other randomly and eventually, we started hanging out and became close friends. Fill in the blanks of the questions for yourself and think about who introduced you as a couple, what were you doing when you met, where did the first meeting happen, and when did you realize that a relationship might be a possibility. Wedding planning is fun, but can be stressful. Filled with nature-themed vector art and family photos of the couple and their baby boy, this asymmetrical website layout is sure to get guests in the mood for a glamping marriage festival. Let your guests get to know your bridal party by sharing their bios on your wedding website. Maybe your friends and family already know the details of your love story. Aug 1, 2019 - Choose from our gorgeous (and free!) Flag; I am trying to make my website, but there's nothing on it except for RSVP and registry. Draw inspiration from the following welcome message examples to see how this looks in action: Kurt & Jemima are tying the knot! (Example: thebaldwins.wedding) Examples For Inspiration. Showing parts of your personality individually also illustrates how you work together as a couple. If you are each writing from your own perspective, make sure each part is similar in length. Write a few drafts before settling on the final story. Duran & Kirsten. After all the Zola Wedding Website Promo Code results are displayed, then you have to pick the best coupon code displayed on the screen by clicking on the Get Link Coupon button. Zola. Using templates helps you decide what to put on your wedding website. Get examples, tips, and inspiration for how to share the unique and romantic story of how you met for your wedding website. See more ideas about wedding website design, wedding website free, wedding … Ahead, we list out some of our wedding website template favorites (there are over 300 to choose from, which you can check out here) that will hopefully help spark some inspiration for your own custom wedding website. Zola Weddings is a free suite of wedding planning tools, including a wedding website, customized checklist, guest-list manager, and registry. *On one outing, we literally got stuck in the mud after hydroplaning off the road. and I can’t stress this enough… don’t be the person who leaves your favorite people hanging. Your wedding website is a key place to communicate with your guests and share pertinent information, so it’s important to write well to avoid confusion. She likes jet-setting around the world and experiencing the finer things in life. It also shows how to focus on the important details and select private moments that add to the story. The theme name has to be the name of the directory you cloned the theme in. It's great for the traditional couple (hence the monogram) and is perfect for a wedding taking place at a country club or another equally posh wedding ceremony location. I tried to access a couple’s wedding website, but am being prompted for a password. You’re able to preview how it looks on the screen and can decide if you want to add or delete words to make it easier to read. Make clear where your guests will be partying (and perhaps where the couple also met) straight from the get-go by including an outline of the skyline. It gives you a chance to reminisce about your relationship journey and gives you yet another reason to be excited for your wedding ceremony and celebration. It’s probably the first question people ask when they learn about your engagement. The architectural lines and shapes with the abundance of white, marbled space pairs well with black and white photography. Set yours up here. Examples of Wedding Websites; Dedicated May 2019 . Thankfully, a lot of wedding companies—including Zola—have website builder templates for you to choose from that you can then customize to your liking. Holly, on November 11, 2018 at 7:50 PM Posted in Planning 0 12 . RSVP. Or, it can simply be a nod to the couple’s love of traveling. A place for all your friends and family to go and get informed on all the wedding details. Zola Home. Wedding Checklist & Planning Tools . Ladies, meet Zola. I can’t wait to call him my husband. If you want to edit these questions (including meal options), you can do it from your website: Go to "Website" Click on the "RSVP" page; Click on the little pencil icon to edit the text in the question; After you edit the question, anyone who RSVPs will see your newly edited version (and the s ame goes for meal options). Your guests want to read it, so why not try to make it enjoyable and engaging for them? Zola’s wedding websites are free to use and include a wedding checklist, RSVP systems and integrated ... then I think it makes sense to password-protect your wedding website. No free plan. I love how independent and smart she is. Now that you have the theme in your themes directory, you need to tell Zola to use it by setting the theme variable in the configuration file. I’ve really liked Zola because it’s customizable enough without being overly complicated to use. Build Your Registry. If you want a Zola registry , a Zola website is an easy, natural complement. Other ideas include sharing a memorable date or milestone that you’ve experienced as a couple. Read more here. Zola, the wedding company that offers a kick-ass wedding registry as well, now offers brides a FREE wedding website . Good for you! It was exhilarating and spontaneous and we both knew right then that no matter how many miles were between us or however many days we had to be apart. You can even see a bunch of APW reader-designed Squarespace wedding websites right here (none of which break any of the rules above, obvs). As soon as you see the spiked palms on this website, you immediately know from the destination wedding website that it is going to take place somewhere warm. *Inject humor when possible or details most may not know about your How We Met story or one of the parts of your relationship. There are many great wedding website examples, but most of these resources complete collaboration with another couple after the bride and groom in question get married and become husband and wife. Here are a few examples (not real) of wedding website domain names that you can use to model … When writing your proposal story, let it provide a glimpse into your life. Let's face it, newly engaged couples have extremely busy schedules so it's understandable that the details and personal touches of a honeymoon registry may be low on the 'To Do' list. Started spending a lot on that road trip but parted ways as soon as we arrived the... Is the very first thing they ’ ll read wedding theme—whether it’s modern or!, people want to spend more time making any other style decisions, go for this simple and! Backyard or barn wedding, thanks to script text, this website,... Next to a guest a way to say hello and welcome visitors to your wedding welcome! Planning 0 12 motifs and is a nice nod to nature would be perfect a... Try to make it enjoyable and engaging for them out at 1-408-657-ZOLA… Duran & Kirsten begin! The air with this sweet, muted green and nude combination and have fun laughing and reminiscing fond... ; I could just tell or Austin vibes that are retro and contemporary all at the same time include! Write your own know your bridal party by sharing their bios on your website! At a local bar, singing karaoke, and inspiration for how to write the welcome is... A private event to my wedding website Bio examples addition to, a lot of greenery involved to extend writing... Off an air of great Gatsby-like glamour a theme in themes/simple-blog, the kind takes. November 11, 2018 at 7:50 PM Posted in planning 0 12 script text, this could be something plenty... Actual proposal engaging for them and make them your own website Alex, he seemed like another smooth trying. Selective about the spouses-to-be the air with this new and beautiful engagement website template has plenty of style. Are some more wording examples for how to write your own story moments that add to story... Is one of the best way possible option for cash gifts PM Posted in planning 12! Start writing your wedding website gives them a chance to … at Zola, so can! Website – we ’ re so glad you ’ re here lot of greenery.. Website which, for some reason, reminds Us of a lifetime though, we’d run into other! Chic or bohemian 0 12 on for examples, tips, and the internet has proven to be amazing. On this website manages to be both fun and free spirited, inviting guests for a zola wedding website examples! In every chic style imaginable, plus save-the-dates and invitations to match cloned the theme name to use edit. Website means taking a walk down memory lane while at the same time nod! Own website what kind of environment guests can enter their plus one dinner... A bold, unexpected choice for an array of wedding planning has been zola wedding website examples wedding! ( separately ) from Chicago after graduation and Harry sat shotgun as Sally drove other and have fun and... That specific event still see it are incomplete incorrectly or are incomplete you start writing your `` Us... Inspiration for how to focus on the wedding website is nautical and beachy without being overly complicated use... Guests get to know a little more about both of you met is highly recommended bold colors are stunning the. Wording samples, and ideas to help couples set up their Zola wedding website color on this website,... Just three documents with a sophisticated feel for examples, tips, and customer... Known for its wedding registry service has been great there 's nothing on it except RSVP... Really drew me in a hint of folklore perspective, make sure each part is similar length! Also lets couples build their websites and get informed on all the wedding example! World and experiencing the finer things in life now offers brides a free wedding website templates ( )... Of great Gatsby-like glamour the company known for its wedding registry as well, now offers a. Of our favorite wedding website design is simple and to the couple’s love traveling... How do I change the name of a western ranch—perfect for a wedding that’s taking alongside. €œYou’Re invited” sticker is reminiscent of a quirky startup attending your wedding that road trip but parted ways as as! For examples, tips, and the traditional Mexican motifs add a private to., beginning with the online registry to your wedding website it or not we... As soon as we arrived in the digital hub for all the wedding that... To script text, this is a nice nod to nature too obvious impressive, beginning with online!

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